Indexable Tools

With numerous options such as carbide tools, PCD and PCBN tooling, it can be challenging to choose the right tool that is versatile, durable and precise in application. Understanding this concern of our clientele, we also manufacture indexable tools in our state-of-the-art facility geared towards balance and tool longevity.

Definition And Examples

Indexable tools are a combination of tool body and cutting insert, wherein the insert/tip can be removed, and another can be added without having to replace the entire tool body. Primarily it involves a steel tool body with a Carbide or PCD tip insert. Once the tip wears out, it can be replaced while keeping the main tool body unchanged.

Applications Of Indexable Tools

Due to the versatile nature of indexable tools, they are primarily used for manufacturing large components, a process that tends to create significant wear and tear in a tool. Therefore, instead of going through multiple carbide or PCD tools, only the carbide, PCD or PCBN inserts are removed and replaced, thereby decreasing the turnaround time, and improving feasibility. Apart from this specialized use, customized inserts can be employed in all manners of manufacturing applications such as milling, turning, cutting, grooving, boring, reaming, punching, slotting and much more.

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