Carbide Tools

Another staple of Flair Precision Inc., our solid carbide and carbide tipped tools are all manufactured in our high-tech facility in Ontario, Canada. We are equipped with high precision and cutting-edge equipment, as well as an expert team of professionals who have been with the company for several decades. These factors make complex customization of carbide cutting tools possible. Our uncompromising quality and production capabilities, combined with reliable delivery, make us one of the leading carbide tools manufacturers.

Basic Components And Properties

Carbide is comprised of Tungsten (WC) with Cobalt (Co) binder. Depending on the application, the amount of Cobalt and other additives will determine the physical characters of the carbide. Flair will determine the best grade of Carbide after assessing the client’s requirements. Carbide cutting tools are extremely versatile as they can be used for ferrous and non-ferrous materials. This guarantees great accuracy and a more standardized manufacturing process.

Applications Of Carbide Tools

In the cutting tool world, carbide is still the number one choice for medium and low volume machining. There are numerous applications of carbide and carbide-tipped tools. Some of the most prominent uses include:

  • Cutting Tools: Made of hard materials such as carbide to cut, sculpt or remove some materials according to the task. This includes end mills, inserts, reamers, drills, and other specialized tools.
  • Forming Tools: Designed to create shapes or contours.
  • Punches: Sharp-tipped tools used to create holes or indentations.
  • Extruding Tools: Hard tools used to push the work material through a die to create a 3D shape or design.

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